Tfw you can’t sleep because the best pillow you put between your knees when you sleep is missing in your comforter somewhere…

Why no one should ask me for nutrition advice

I bought fruit today for the first time in a month.
Vegetables, however, are still a hurdle I have yet to get over.

Seems like a bunch of y’all are never happy on this shit.

Gotta get off the internets and find what makes ya happy.

So I bought my first set of Tupperware today, I feel like I’m making great strides in my transition to being a fully functioning adult.


People in general: Omg why don’t you wanna get in a relationship


The Delfonics - La La Means I Love You
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The Delfonics - La La Means I love You


my new motto for weightlifting is ‘when you’re drenched in sweat no one can tell you’re crying’

So, since you're a man who seems to be pretty open about sexuality, I figured I'd ask you a question. My boyfriend would rather masturbate in the shower (while I'm in the other room), than have sex with me. Is this normal? I understand (as a woman who masturbates) that it's a different experience, but is it normal for a man to choose that over sex with his girlfriend? (Sorry it's awkward, I just wanted a man's perspective)

Well. The occasional alone time is a nice change of pace, but overall he should be choosing that ass..

What you gotta do. Is not ask me what’s up, go communicate with him.
See why he doing the 5 knuckle shuffle instead of going balls deep.

Alright. So.
Wondering why sets of 5 at 265 on bench felt like damn near nothing when I’m just now coming back hard.
Realized after the third set that it was actually 255, so i dumb.
Threw on a couple sets of 275 2x3 at the end. To make me feel less useless. (That phrasing is awk)

2. I just discovered two songs. “All of me” and “stay with me.” They are the feelsiest songs ever and don’t fit me whatsoever. So I’m not sure why I like them. The choruses just get it.
So I listened to stay with me probably 20 times this session. Inb4 overkill.
But that “staaaaay with me” gospel choir sounding hook just makes it.

3. The reason I’m complaining.
“Bloated” if you will, from drinking more beer than water these past couple days.
So my ghetto weight belt didn’t fit like it should. Usually only 3 plates is pushing it on that thing. But 2 kept making it slip. And after a set of dips. I came down, so did the weight.. From about 4 feet up. Down onto the middle of my left foot. Maybe it’s time I get a real belt.
I’ve been going back and forth between semi grimacing and laughing because I’m weird, as it gets more swollen and purple. Yoloz.

We’ll see how work goes tomorrow.
Then it’ll be interesting to see how legs go afterwards

And deadliftsandbeers I’m gonna be busting out your trademark daisy dukes tomorrow night for a themed bday. I’ll try to make you proud.




deadlifts-and-donuts want me to lick his asshole you heard it here first


What do you have to say about this. I want some fucking ANSWERS

I just really like rimjobs