I’ll never fit in at this campus because I don’t own a single tank top :(

You need to step your game up or this will never work.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, go fuck yourself.

Back starting to look decent lately.

Back starting to look decent lately.


when he cums inside u


Str8 toast.

These dead days have been bruhuhutall. So beat.
Wanted 6x3 425.
Got 3,3,2,1,2,2,1.
A bit of punishment for not hitting those by doing deficit pulls.
315 2x15, 20. First set almost made me pass out. Grip was brutal on last two since I don’t got wraps.

Then I finally got 40 pull ups in 4 sets. Took 5-6 days of doing it?
Now I’m gonna add weight. And figure it out from there.
Some leg extension for shitsn gigs.
Shit ain’t no joke. You be limping off that machine.
I’ll hit squats rows n leg press mañana.

Barely made it through today.
Been bitch made latelyyy
Gotta stop dat.

Only took a year and 9 months of lifting , but my legs finally look bigger than my arms.

Jah bless.

What time is it where you are now?

It’s approximately 2:22 pm in the land down unda’, m8.

Tfw you ain’t even through your warm up sets and you could win a wet t shirt contest with how sweaty you are.

Let’s keep this grind alive.
When your barfday

Check a calendar.
Then check what I wrote on the post.
It’s basic arithmetic, my dear Watson.