Are you gonna sing to me while I drive you to voodoo doughnuts? Are you going to get "The cock and balls" doughnut?

I’ll serenade uou to the ends of the earth.
And nahh Bruh. Pretty sure that’s filled. Filled donuts are foul.

That cap’n crunch one has been calling my name tho

I've got a mangina

Derek, is that you?

Is it 7 yet?
Trynna start my damn weekend already.
And I’ve been wanting to hit the gym since 1 am.
Lemme outttta here.


No puedo dormir.

Why does hitting someone with everything you have feel so good.

Mondays are fine. Its your life that sucks.
Ricky Gervais (via disimba)

Drinking an Arizona Ice tea for first time in at least a year.

Tastes like a damn pixie stick.


Like an alien, I too am trying to probe that ass.



weightliftingcanadian didn’t want to take a picture with me yesterday because I insulted Kanye to his face.

I don’t even follow you anymore.


brown gravy enchilada chili cheese fries

Holy shit